Open Tunings and Slide Guitar


Open D Tuning

Open D tuning is the deepest sounding of the commonly used open tunings. It is the second most popular bottleneck tuning after the open G.  It is also one of the few altered tunings to create a six string major chord when strummed open.  There are several variants such to this tuning; the two most common being open C (the whole D tuning dropped a whole step), and open E (raised a whole step). With the open E you have to raise the pitch of the fifth, fourth and third strings, which of course increases the risk of string breakage. Often guitarists prefer to use a capo at the second fret if they wish to play in the key of E. For those players who are just beginning to appreciate open tunings and bottleneck slide techniques, we bring you a video guitar lesson that we came across from Roy Book Binder …

An Introduction to open Tunings and Slide Guitar.


We hope you enjoyed Roy’s introduction to open tunings and slide guitar work. He is thoroughly entertaining and gifted acoustic guitarist who is very popular and has a dedicated band of followers. We enjoy his laid back style of playing.

We came across another guitar player who gives his rendition of ‘Vestapol’ which has a great feel and a brilliant tone from his National Resophonic – Vintage Steel Tricone. Listen to this and subscribe to his channel …. and enjoy the blues, slide and ragtime groove.

Vestapol – Resonator Blues – Vastopol – Slide Guitar

A few words from the man himself;
‘Hello – this here is my version of “Vestapol” or Vastopol which is a very old parlor song that was so popular it became the name of a tuning – Open D (DADF#AD). Elizabeth Cotton used to play this among many others (Pete Seeger, Stefan Grossman Bukka White etc..). This piece is played on my National Resophonic – Vintage Steel Tricone, which doesn’t get enough of my attention and treated me accordingly (“I’ve Got Blisters on My Fingers!!” – to quote Ringo Starr). I do quite a bit of Slide guitar, along with tons of country blues, ragtime, celtic and many more genres. Thank you for listening, please subscribe to my page to hear lots more! Have a wonderful day!’

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