Georgia On My Mind

A Bluesy Jazz Feel

This famous song, written  in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael (melody) and Stuart Gorrell (lyrics), was one of the first R&B/Jazz songs that I learned many years ago. It has such a beautiful chord progression, and listening to it really puts you in a peaceful state of mind.

It lends itself to being played on acoustic guitar, and this jazz guitarist plays this classic melody tastefully, with a beautiful combination of bluesy feel and really cool jazz harmony. He’s playing a Martin D-1, apparently from one of the early batches with laminate sides, not solid sides like the current ones. However, he has compared it to D-18s, D-28’s, Gibson acoustics, Taylors, etc., and stated that he wouldn’t swap this axe for any of them.


This comment from one of his followers says it all.

‘What an adorable work man! That´s why I love acoustic jazz, you can hear every bend, crack and sound. Really enjoyable man, great arrangement, nice feel. What an inspiration to practice! Thanks again.’

Hope you enjoyed that rendition. Well worth some further analysis of some really nice blues phrases and lovely chordal harmonies.

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